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Recreating the magical taste of a homemade cake is no mean feat, especially when it is required for mass produced bakery items.

Achieving authentic flavours in cakes, puddings and pastries is our forte

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Thanks to our experience and knowledge, achieving authentic flavours in cakes, puddings and pastries is our forte. Talk to us about your aspirations for new and improved flavours for classics such as the Victoria sponge, or perhaps you have a modern spin in mind for the humble sausage roll. We can handle your brief, dissect the components down and deliver the scalable, cost-effective solution your business needs.

Our flavour offerings in the bakery category go way beyond mainstream sweet tastes you may have encountered such as vanilla, lemon and chocolate.

We have produced a vast range of authentic savoury flavours for use in high quality artisanal bakery items

We can advise on the types of flavours that work well in savoury and sweet baked goods, collaborate with you to make calculated experiments and advise on the best course of action

Taste Flavourings Cambridge icon

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